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This Shoplifting EAS Jammer model is a completely updated 2023 version.

Supports suppression of newer security gate models.

An important feature is the implementation of eas jammer in the block from the power bank. The power bank performs 2 functions at once, serves as a full-fledged power bank and allows you to charge other gadgets, and also powers the operation of the eas jammer. There are no visual differences, changes or additions on the body of the power bank, we can say that this is the most common power bank, but with a hidden and silent function of the new EAS Jammer 2023.


  • ultra small size: 17 x 8 x 2.4 cm
  • maximum operating time: up to 10 hours
  • extended range: 1-4 meters
  • suppresses RF, AM signal types
  • jams Sensormatic, Nedap, Cross Point, GateWay, Amersec, Dialoc ID Corporate, DetexLine, Catalyst, MTC EAS Partners, Lucatron, etc.
  • 2 LED indicator
  • Battery warning
  • Simple control – 1 button
  • Silent and harmless
  • Made from quality components

The new AM+RF 2023 jammer is as easy to use as possible, the control is carried out with just one button – On/Off – and then the device will do everything for you. You do not have to study a lot of materials, learn how to determine the type of signal, what kind of tags are used, you will not need to personally inspect security racks and much more. With this device, everything is fast, without suspicion and without unnecessary nerves.

Fast delivery worldwide, support, warranty, discounts for bulk orders.

You can write us a message right now through the feedback form and we will help you with the choice, our consultants will answer all your questions, it’s free, try it right now!



EAS Jammer is a versatile 2 in 1 suppressor of radio frequency (RF) and acoustic magnetic (AM) security systems (tags and gates), which are used worldwide as anti-theft measures in retail stores, tags are applied to items of the product and interact together with the racks (RF or AM gates) at the entrance group of the shopping facility, in case of their approach, the racks give a signal. Such security systems – gates/racks and tags on goods – are called differently: EAS systems, anti-theft systems, anti shoplifting systems, anti-theft equipment, kits for protecting stores, security tags, protecting goods from theft in a store, anti-theft store systems etc.

EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) – electronic surveillance of goods – is a technological system to prevent theft from retail stores.

We offer a universal device that jams 2 types of signal at once – RF and AM, which are used in stores around the world. You no longer need to waste your precious time or cause unnecessary additional suspicion, distinguishing between gates and tags, what kind of technology is used in a particular store – radio frequency tags or acoustic tags, which mode to turn on on the jammer and not make a mistake, because they are all very similar to each other, there are even visually identical AM and RF tags. This device is universal, it itself recognizes for you what and how to jam, as well as with what power, you will only get a high-quality result.

This anti-theft system jammer works invisibly for most modern anti-theft gates with Anti-Jammer and Jammer Detection systems. This shop gate jammer cannot be detected by almost all advanced anti-theft gates with an additional software package for interference detection – anti-interference. In the software package with an additional security add-on «anti-interference», anti-theft gates turn on an alarm if third-party interference occurs in their operation. Thus, our shoplifting jammer is invisible to interference detection systems, including NEDAP anti-interference protection.

The new AM RF Jammer 2023 is a significant upgrade and amalgamation of two of our older jammers that worked on separate AM and RF bands for different types of security systems. Now 2 devices are made in one ultra compact device with an internal antenna. At the same time, the radius of action is increased to 4 meters, depending on the security complex.

Dimensions of this eas jammer rf am 2 in 1 total: 17 x 8 x 2.4 cm

The eas jammer has been tested in Europe, America and Asia, with different protection systems.

Silencer suppresses RF, AM anti-theft systems

Has proven itself in working with security systems:

  • Sensormatic
  • Nedap
  • Cross Point (50/50)
  • GateWay
  • Amersec
  • Dialoc ID Corporate
  • DetexLine
  • Catalyst
  • MTC EAS Partners
  • Lucatron
  • and etc.

Only 1 On/Off button, turned on and your eas jammer does its job, turned off with the same button and the jammer is completely turned off and does not cause interference.

Contains a built-in capacious battery for 10 hours of operation.

The charger is included.

The device is as simple as possible, quiet, small, convenient and efficient. From professionals to professionals.

Due to the fact that we do not produce cases of power banks ourselves, but order them separately, they may differ slightly from batch to batch. We try every time to order better cases and at the same time the most suitable jammers for development in them, but the color, the presence and location of individual elements, the surface texture of the material, etc., may differ from the current picture on this product page.

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