Convenient payment for purchased goods is one of the factors in choosing our company!

First of all, we ask you to always be careful when placing an order. We recommend placing an order through the contact form on our website or through our official email ma**@ke**************.com, you can also place an order by contacting us via online chat on the website or writing to us on WhatsApp or Telegram.
The most reliable way of business communication is electronic correspondence; for example, only electronic correspondence is accepted in court, and correspondence from instant messengers is not evidence. But for all its reliability, email does not provide the speed that the modern buyer desires, and this method is not suitable for many. For quick questions and answers, you can use the online chat directly on our website or popular instant messengers. Where our experts will answer all your questions!

Attention! Use our link to go to our telegram channel, do not search for our channel through the Telegram search, this creates a risk of stumbling upon fake channels from scammers who often create clones by changing one letter in the channel name or using special characters. As a result, it is almost impossible to visually distinguish a fake channel!

An important principle of our activity is to work exclusively within the framework of established international rules and requirements. Strict observance of international standards allows us to provide the opportunity to pay for our products quickly and most conveniently.

We offer our customers all the main payment methods, among which it should be noted such as:

  • Payment from your company in favor of our company according to the invoice (+20% to the price, check with managers);
  • PayPal account
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Payment in cash or card via Western Union, MoneyGram, RIA.
  • SEPA
  • etc.

If you know of convenient payment methods that we do not have, please contact us!

The cost of goods is tied to the US dollar and Euro, these are the main currencies of payment. If you wish to pay in Pounds Sterling, Canadian Dollar, Turkish Lira, Australian Dollar, Hungarian Forint, Singapore Dollar or New Zealand Dollar, the conversion will be made according to the commercial exchange rate.

Please note that different payment systems may charge different fees for their services in different countries. We encourage you to check different payment methods to find the best option for your country. You pay the transfer fee at your own expense. We must receive an amount equivalent to the value of the goods. All prices are listed on the website. Discounts are valid only for wholesale buyers. Ask for help from our managers through the website or by e-mail.

Having decided to buy devices from our company (keyless repeaters, programmers, code grabbers, jammers), each client can be completely sure of the reliability of his purchase, as we give a guarantee for each of our equipment. Employees of our company, if necessary, provide after-sales professional technical support, so that the use of funds will be as correct as possible.

We are a manufacturer, which distinguishes us from many unknown dealers on the market. Our interest lies in the development of our products, cooperation on an ongoing basis and the introduction of quality advanced products. Everyone knows that we produce the highest quality and modern products. You can order an individual order from us, for example, with additional functions or in an individual case.

We do not have our own showroom, due to local reasons, so we have developed a demo version of the keyless repeater, the equipment with the highest demand, so you can pay more than 2 times less for the first time, get your equipment, test it in operation, after why pay extra, and we will remotely install the full version on it. This guarantees you the safety of your money, that no one is deceiving you, and you really get a quality product. If you buy from us for the first time, you can always order something cheap from us, receive your international parcel from us, make sure of the high quality, and only after that buy something expensive or make a bulk order. You can always count on high quality and reliability of cooperation with us.

Please be careful not to buy from unknown stores. We are often contacted by the service center after buying elsewhere. They ask us to fix their equipment, make it work the way our equipment works, install our software. Many try to copy our equipment, but no one succeeds, especially good quality. They have to deceive their customers. They declare technical characteristics like ours, otherwise they won’t buy their products, and many of them don’t even work 20% like ours. As a result, people get non-working devices and lose their money since no one will offer you a refund. We are a manufacturer, no one will offer you good quality cheaper than us!

Contact our managers via the website or email right now!

The main advantages of buying from our company:

  • prices without additional markups – there is no need to overpay to various dealers and outbids;
  • impeccable quality guarantee – equipment check before shipment;
  • quick response to the received order and payment for the required products – the company’s employees promptly process requests and agree on all the details before shipment.

Only from us you can purchase some groups of goods with a 50% prepayment and payment of the remaining 50% after receiving the goods. Check with our managers to which product groups this offer belongs! You can also make an advance payment for the goods, which will be stored with us for up to 3 months. Please note that prepayment will not be refunded to you.

Everyone knows us as a reliable manufacturer and supplier of quality products. Even though everything is handmade, the quality of our products has been proven over the years and hundreds of customers. You will not find a single dissatisfied client or hate in our address.

You can always order 1 trial product, after which we are ready to discuss wholesale prices. Wholesale prices can be from 3-5 units, depending on the product group.

If necessary, experts will advise you on payment methods and other questions of interest.

Leave your request in the contact form below and our specialists will answer you as soon as possible.