Code grabber is a software and hardware complex designed to copy a code and then reproduce it. Code-grabber from the Latin “codice” – “code” + “grab” – “capture“, separately the term “grabber” is a slang term that IT professionals use in their practice, it means some kind of software or script, who know how to collect certain code from various types of media, files and external resources. For example, there is video capture, audio capture, link capture, text capture, contact information capture, RSS feed capture, and more.

The term “code grabber” has gained popularity due to the copying of the code keys of car alarms and other security systems.

An autocode grabber is a very compact device, often made in the form of a remote control for a car alarm, but there are many other versions. Can be tuned to certain frequencies of modern car alarms, which allows you to recognize and copy the passkey code. The copied keys are saved in the code grabber’s own memory cells with the possibility of subsequent playback at a certain point in time. Thus, an autocodgrabber can immediately become a clone of a large number of key fobs for car alarms, which is extremely necessary in dealerships, car services, for emergency evacuation and rescue services, 911 services and many others.

In the process of using the code grabber, the car security system is disabled, free access to the car, including the trunk, appears, in addition, the engine blockers are removed. The code grabber clones the original smart key fob of the car, and several keys from the alarms of different cars can be written to one code grabber at once. Modern code grabbers are able to process dynamic code, which requires that the grabber code not only read and clone the received data, but also analyze, recognize the encryption key and generate the correct code sequences of RF signals.

In the automotive field, code grabbers are used to control regular and non-standard car security alarms, body control systems, trunk and car engine control systems. Code grabbers are also very popular for controlling barriers, garage door locks, roller shutter locks, RFID cards and other automation.

With the help of a code grabber, you can identify the weak points of your electronic locks and alarms, test them for vulnerabilities and, most importantly, eliminate these vulnerabilities in order to significantly increase the level of your own safety and the safety of your property. By purchasing a code grabber, you help yourself, your family and friends to provide a higher level of security, and you can always help open a closed garage door or car door, a barrier, etc. Codegrabber is indispensable in emergency situations and can save lives. You can combine all your smart keys into one or create a reserve in case of force majeure.