Keyless repeater – car key repeater, keyless go repeater, relay attack device or unit, repeater wave, car repeater, fishing rod, short/long arm, repeater for hijacking, multibrand car key, fbs4 repeater, keyless retransmitter, keyless entry repeater, keyless go transponder, etc.

This device has many names, in different countries it is called differently. From a technical point of view, it is most correct to call it a car keyless repeater, or simply a keyless repeater. Such devices, without being specific about the type of object and scope, are generally referred to as relay attack devices or units.

Repeater (from latin re – repeat + translator – carrier, from English repeater – repeater) is radio equipment, the main functional purpose of which is to read/receive a radio signal, amplify the radio frequencies of this signal and transmit the amplified signal further. In other words, this intermediate device repeats or redistributes the received signal. Due to the fact that the repeater increases the signal strength, the signal travels long distances without loss of quality. A repeater is placed between two other networked radio devices to receive a radio signal and transmit an amplified copy of it to a remote receiving point.

Keyless repeater (Car key repeater) – this is a set of equipment that contains 2 (two) repeaters, the first repeater unit (small unit) receives the request signal from the car and transmits it to the second repeater unit (large unit), which interacts with the original smart key of the car, transmitting to it an exact copy of the request received from the car, the original smart key of the car recognizes the native signal and responds directly to the car, interacting with the central unit of the car alarm/immobilizer.

The standard keyless entry system – Keyless Entry/Go, Smart Key, Smart Access, Intelligent Key, Proximity Key, Intelligent Access, Comfort Access or other – recognizes the car’s own smart key and allows you to open the car lock and start the engine. It depends on the manufacturer of the repeater and its functionality.

Car Key Repeater Wave Fishing Rod Long Arm - Theft Repeater

Complete set of keyless go repeater (1. Large repeater unit/big box; 2. Small repeater unit/small box; 3. Power adapter; 4. Power cable; 5. Interconnect antenna). Some repeater models are additionally equipped with a large antenna, check with the seller before buying.

Quick reference guide to the operation of the keyless entry system:

Keyless Go / Keyless Entry / Smart Access / Smart Key / Intelligent Key / Intelligent Access / Proximity Key / Comfort Access etc. – all of these are keyless entry systems. The system data are used to remotely unlock the car using a wireless smart key or an additional immobilizer tag IS-850. Allows you to identify the driver and start the car engine by pressing the start button.
The car owner always carries a smart key or tag with him. When the car owner approaches the car door handle, the modern keyless entry system comes out of standby mode due to the constantly active optical or capacitive on-board proximity sensor. Thereafter, a coded request signal is emitted from several antennas distributed throughout the vehicle. The on-board system switches to the radio signal reception mode in a certain UHF band (for Europe in 433, 434 and 868 MHz, for the USA and Japan, the frequency is 315 MHz) and waits for confirmation from the original smart key of the car. If the key with the correct RFID tag (transponder) is in the range, it receives the signal, decodes it and sends a return signal in the UHF frequency range with a new coding. The control unit in the vehicle receives this return signal, decodes it and compares its own original signal with the signal just received. If the answer is correct, then the system is triggered, if for a certain time the correct answer is not received, the system will switch back to standby mode. When the system is triggered, the user is authorized, the on-board system opens the door handle lock.

Is a keyless repeater illegal?

A keyless repeater is not illegal in most parts of the world, but only if its use is approved by the owner of the vehicle. This device does not copy or store personal information, operates only within the range of the smart key and enhances its range. At the same time, the presence of this device in your possession may raise questions from law enforcement agencies. The main thing is that this device is not used to commit illegal actions, because, it was designed to help service centers, for use in emergency situations and emergency situations on the roads. At the same time, check the laws of your country and do not break the law!

Is it possible to protect yourself from a keyless repeater?

The keyless repeater works as long as the smart car key is in its visibility. Since the principle of its operation is to amplify the signal of your smart key. Therefore, the easiest and most affordable way of protection for everyone will be to protect the smart key itself from transmitting signals at a time when you do not need it. To do this, it is necessary to make a so-called Faraday cage from improvised means, which will shield the smart key from external electromagnetic waves. Do not look at people with a smirk wrapping their smart car key in food foil, they thereby protect their key from external influences and act quite reasonably. The keyless repeater has been designed to assist service center engineers as well as rescue people in emergencies and roadside emergencies. Remember that it is your careless actions and inattention that allows scammers to act!

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