Smart key emulators are devices that allow you to create (emulate) a key for certain car models without using and having an original smart key. After emulating the key, the device can open and close all the doors and trunk of the car, as well as start the engine at any time, an infinite number of times. The emulator takes over all the basic functions of the original car smart key and essentially becomes this smart key. At the same time, this device has the ability to store previously emulated keys in its memory, that is, it can become a key for several dozen different cars at the same time.

The car key emulator most often consists of one main device of small/pocket size. The device is assembled in various cases of popular devices – Tetris, game boy, power bank, etc. – in order not to give out their properties, features and not attract the attention of strangers, and by setting a pin code to activate these devices, even if it falls into the wrong hands, this device will not be able to be used without knowing the pin code, and if you enter the wrong PIN-code several times the device is completely blocked and turns into a brick.

Smart key emulators were originally developed to greatly simplify the work of various emergency services, emergency services and other first responders where time is the main resource. Today, the device is used in a wider use, it is used in the practice of emergency evacuation services, security services, fire and police special forces, government organizations, vehicle manufacturers, car dealers and car services, engineering and security services in the automotive sector, developers and installers of security systems. etc.

IMPORTANT! Carefully study the laws of the country in which you are located before using this device!

Different countries have different approaches to the legality of using these devices and the wording of what is possible and what is not. Basically, it all comes down to obtaining personal information without the permission of the owner. In most parts of the world, you are free to use this device in your personal vehicle, as long as it does not in any way affect the environment, other vehicles, or the operation of other electronic equipment within the operating range of the device. If the vehicle on which you are going to test or demonstrate the operation of the device does not belong to you, then you must obtain permission from the owner of this vehicle. For example, a client came to a car service or a service center to install security systems, in which case the employee must coordinate this with the owner of the vehicle before using the device. These organizations often demonstrate to their customers how weak the current security system on their car is in practice, offering to install a powerful new system of protection against such devices. In cases where the smart key is lost or when the key was hidden in the car, a car service employee, such as a car mechanic, is also required to obtain permission from the vehicle owner before using this device. Lawyers recommend taking such permissions from clients in writing, for example, adding to the service agreement in the clause of the obligations of the parties. In other countries, legislation requires coordination of the use of equipment with local municipalities, if the application is from a private person, then the municipality must consider and establish the place and time of use, as well as approve the scope of use of the equipment, appoint a responsible person who is issued a special permit for the use of this device. When it comes to business, the municipality must make sure that the company has qualified specialists with the appropriate knowledge to use such equipment, establish responsible persons who will be responsible for the safety of the use of this equipment, will be responsible for the transfer of equipment to third parties, and only after issuing permission to use such equipment for a test period, after which it is extended for a longer period.

The laws differ from country to country, in many of them the use of this kind of equipment is not regulated at all, but if you summarize, for the most part it all comes down to the fact that the use should not pursue criminal and illegal purposes, actions related to theft or disclosure of personal information , or actions otherwise prohibited. If you look, these rules apply to most items that we use every day, for example, a simple pencil can become a cold weapon if it is not used for its intended purpose, like scissors, kitchen utensils, keys, etc. It is always worth remembering that this device is not intended to commit illegal acts! And carefully study the laws of your country!