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The Pandora Max + BMW code grabber is a versatile and very powerful device designed for testing security systems, in particular, it allows you to bypass the protection of modern car alarms and other automation (garage and other gates, barriers, shutters, roller shutters, etc.). Unlocking of security systems is carried out by intercepting a signal in the process of opening the lock and copying the signal, thus, the code grabber becomes a clone of the original smart key and allows you to open the lock or unlock the car alarm at any time.

Features of code grabber Pandora Max + BMW:

  • The code grabber is made in the Pandora DXL 3970 keychain
  • Upgradeable via USB
  • 45 memory cells (45 in 1 – cloning 45 smart keys from various cars and automation)
  • We will receive a signal from 5 to 100 meters, depending on the model of the original smart key
  • Recognition of alarms (writes the brand of the car on the display after interception)
  • PIN-code for activation (individual PIN-code that only you will know)
  • Silencing feedback to the owner’s keychain (the owner does not know that the lock is open!)
  • An additional communication channel has been implemented (autostart, trunk opening)
  • Active display for easy control of code grabber modes
  • Backlight for night work
  • Battery indicator
  • On/off vibration mode
  • Beep on / off
  • On/off automatic cell switching after recording a new one
  • Fast code catch-up function
  • Powered by one AAA battery or mini USB cable
  • BMW models added
  • Jammer function

Contains 8 operating modes + jammer function:

  1. AM + FM + Regular
  2. FM Staff
  3. WFM Ford
  4. VAG
  5. FM VAZ
  6. FM Scher-Khan
  7. Automation (gates, barriers, shutters, etc.)
  8. BMW

To buy a Pandora Max + BMW Codegrabber, contact our specialists right now through the feedback form.

We try to produce and offer for you only high-quality products, proven by time and numerous tests, at reasonable prices, with fast delivery, as well as provide technical support.

See below for a more detailed description. is a reliable partner for many years!




A detailed description of 8 modes of operation of Codegrabber Pandora Max + BMW:

1) AM + FM + Regular

433 MHz:


Fiesta up to 2010
Focus up to 2010
C-Max up to 2010
S-Max up to 2010
Galaxy up to 2010
Kuga up to 2010
Mondeo up to 2010
Mondeo MK4 up to 2011
Explorer (tested for 2014)
Transit (tested for 2013)
(keys don’t fly!)


(All up to 2008)

Land Rover:

(until 2008)


B9 Tribeka
(All up to 2010)


A4 up to 2001
A6, A8, TT up to 2004


Solaris (2011-2012)


Rio (2010-2014)


Land Cruiser 100
4 – Runner
1997 – 2008 (iron keys only, works 50/50)


RX 300 – 330, 400h
1997 – 2008 (iron keys only, works 50/50)

And also a large number of delivered security systems

868 MHz:

Some delivery and mounted alarms with similar algorithms, but operating in
the 868 MHz range. For example, Sheriff, Pantera and many others.

315 MHz:

Many Chinese alarms, such as Convoy XS, etc. As well as various radio control devices with similar codings, some supported standard systems, released for the US and Japanese markets, with a frequency of 315 MHz.

2) FM Regular

433 MHz:


Pajero Sport
Galant (tested for 2009)


Accord 2003-2007
Stream 2003-2006
Jazz 2001-2008
Legend before 2007
CR-V 2002-2006
FR-V 2004-2008
HR-V 2001-2006


3 … 6, CX-5, RX-8
(partially ~ 50%, mainly before restyle)


New: Solaris, Accent 2017 – to this year
Solaris (2013-2014 +)
Solaris hatchback (2013-2014 +)
Accent (2013-2014 +)
Verna (2013-2014)
IX35 (tested for 2014+)
I20 (tested 2009- 2012+)
Trajet (2001-2007)
Hyundai Tucson (tested for 2008-2010 +)
Hyundai Santa Fe (2006-2016)

(The list of these positions is far from complete!)


New: Rio, Rio X-Line 2017+ – current year
Ceed JD – tested 2018+
Picanto – tested 2018
Sportage before 2014+
Sportage 2008-2014
Cerato (tested 2007-2015+)
Cerato (tested 2013)
Magentis (tested 2008)
Ceed (2006-2014 +)
Soul (tested for 2017+)
Rio (tested for 2016+)
(The list of these positions is far from complete!)

3) WFM Ford

433 MHZ:

Ford 3:

Models with engine start/stop button:
B-Max (08/08/2012 +) C Max (23/08/2010 +)
Fiesta (21/07/2008 +)
Focus (03/01/2015 +)
Galaxy (15 / 03/2010 +)
Grand C-Max (23/08/2010 +)
Kuga I fl (01/09/2011 – 10.11.2013+)
Kuga II
Kuga II fl
Mondeo MK IV (2007-09.2010)
Mondeo MK IV fl ( 09.2010—2014) S Max (15/03/2010—2015 +)

Key models
C-Max (23/08/2010 +)
S-Max (
15/03/2010 – 2015 ) Galaxy (15/03/2014 +)
Grand C-Max (23/08/2014 +)
Focus (03.01. 2015 +)
Mondeo MKIV fl (09.2010—2014)
Transit Connect 2013- Tourneo
Connect 2013+
Transit Custom 2012- Tourneo
Custom 2012- Transit MKV

4) VAG

434 MHz:


Golf 4
Golf 5
Golf 5+
Passat B5 + Polo
(all up to 2008)

Golf 5K (2009-2014 +)
Golf Plus 52 (2009-2014 +)
Beetle A5 (2011 – 2014+)
Caddy 2C (2011 – 2014+)
Eos 1F (2009 – 2014+)
Suran (2011 – 2014+)
Jetta 1K (2008 – 2017)

Jetta 16 (2011 – 2017)
Polo 6R (2009 – 2014)
Scirocco 13 (2009 – 2014+)
Sharan 7M (2011 – 2014+)
Tiguan 5N (2008 – 2014)
Touran 1T (2011 – 2014+)
Transporter 7E (2012 – 2014+)
up! / E-up! AA (2012 – 2014+)
Jetta – tested on 2017 Polo – tested on 2018 Touareg – tested on 2009 New Passat B6 Passat B7 Passat CC 2018+ (2006-2015)


S1 8X (2010 – present)
A1 8X (2010 – present)
Q3 8U (2011 – present)
A3 8P (2005 – 2013+)
S3 8P (2006 – 2013+) RS3
8P (2010-2013 )
TT 8J (2006 – 2010+)
TT 8J (2010 – 2014+)
(The list is not complete!)


(all up to 2008+)

Altea 5P (06.2009-2012 +)
Ibiza 6J (2009-2011 +)
Leon 1P (06.2009-2012 +)
Toledo 5P (06.2009-2011 +)
Mii AA (2012-2014 +)


Roomster (all up to 2008+)
Citigo AA (2012-2014 +)
Octavia 1Z (2009-2014 +)
Superb 3T (2008-2018 +)
Yeti 5L (2010-2013 +)


433 MHz:


Niva Chevrolet


Patriot (tested on 2017)


(checked on 2019)


Kyron (checked for 2012)
VAZ decryption time from 0 sec to 1 min 30 sec. Decryption time for UAZ from 1 min 30 sec, up to 3 min.

6) FM Scher-Khan

433 MHz:

1. Scher-Khan III, IV, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (it is possible to receive feedback, i.e. it records the driver’s call, hit on the wheel, hit on the glass)
2. Scher-Khan 7H, 8H, 9, 10 (PRO1)
3. Scher-Khan 7B, 8B, 9, 10 (PRO2)
4. Magicar Seven (M100 AS GOLD IV) (cool). Magicar M902, M903, M909, M939f
autostart, trunk, mute
5. Magicar Korea 904, M101, M110
6. Easycar EW402A, EV402A, E402A
7. Easycar E701A, E702A
8. Easycar E5A, E8A, E7A
9. Easycar E401A, EW401A , EV402A, E402A
10. Easycar E601A, E501A
11. Magicar 7s, 8s, 9,10,11,12 (PRO3)

7) Automation (gates, barriers, shutters, etc.)

Mode for working with all kinds of gates, barriers, roller shutters, chains, etc. When you select this menu item, a submenu will open in which you will need to select either enable code grabber for barriers, or brute force mode for Came and Nice barriers.

433 MHz:

Automation (gates, barriers, etc.):

Came atomo
Came tam
Came top
Ditec gol4c
Doorhan Faac 433
GSN M code
Nice flo
Nice flor s
Nice smilo

434 MHz:

Nero radio

868 MHz:

Came top 868

315 MHz:

Many Chinese alarms, as well as various radio control devices,
with similar encodings.

8) BMW:

1 (Е81-Е82-Е87-Е88) until 2012 – 13 years
3 (Е90-Е91-Е92-Е93) until 2011
5 ( Е61-Е61 ) until 2010
6 (Е63-Е64) until 2010
7 (Е65- E66) up to 2008
X1 (E84) up to 2015
X5 (E70-E71) up to 2013
X6 (E71) up to 2014


Cooper S





List of delivered security systems in AM + FM + Standard (433 MHz):

Delivery (AM range):

1. APS (all keeloq range)
2. Advanced
3. Alligator (pagers with LCD display all keeloq)
4. Alligator (all optional keeloq key fobs)
5. Alligator (pagers with LEDs all keeloq)
6. Alligator S250, S275
7. Alligator (with feedback pagers with new coding series S-400 2WAY – S-875 RS 2WAY)
8. APS 2700, 2800, 2900 New model range
9. APS 7000-9000
10. Berhut (additional key fobs)
11. Berkut (pagers)
12. Black-Bug (green LED)
13. Black-Bug Super (with red LED)
14. Cenmax (A-700 A-900)
15. Cenmax (HIT-320 keeloq models)
16. Cenmax (VT-200, VT-210)
17. CENMAX VIGILANT ST-5, ST-7, ST-10, V-7, MT-8 autorun
18. Cenmax-MT7
19. Challenger (with new CFM2 dynamic code) autorun
20. Challenger new models with modified CFM code of model ch8000i, x-1.
21. Chelendger (all keeloq ch-7000i range)
22. Cheetah CM-212
23. Convoy XS
24. Duplex
25. Eaglemaster
27. EXCALIBUR 28. FANTOM F-731, F-635 LCD
29. Faraon
30. Fighter
31. Fortress (partially)
32. Godzila
33. Gorgon (with red LED)
34. GUARD (key fobs with red keeloq LED)
35. Harpoon H one, H2
36. Inspektor
37. Jaguar (all keeloq jx-2000 and etc.)
38. Jaguar EZ-Betta, EZ-Alpfa, EZ-one
39. jaguar series ja, jb
40. KGB (FX-3, FX-5, FX-7)
41. KGB (additional key fobs including old models)
42. KGB (pagers with feedback, tested on-VS 4000)
43. Leopard LS new models with modified code. autorun
44. Magic Systems MS-156 MS-225
45. Magic Systems MS-BAIKAL2
46. ​​Mangust EMS 1.7, 1.9, 1.7R, 1.9R autorun
47. Mongouse
48. Mystery (pager with LEDs) MX-503, MX-505
49. Mystery additional key fobs mx-605, mx-605 RS, 607, 705, 905, 905 RS.
50. Mystery pagers mx-605, mx-605 RS, 607, 705, 905, 905 RS
51. Mystery pagers mx-605, mx-605 RS, mx-705
52. Pandora (RX series)
53. Pantera (QX)
54. Pantera (SX)
55. Pantera (with feedback pagers with the new coding of the SLK-350 SC-SLK-675 RS series inclusive)
56. Pantera (with feedback pagers up to 5XXX series inclusive)
57. Pantera СLK 355
58. Partisan
59. Red Scorpio
60. Reef (green LED)
61. REEF (with red LED)
62. Scher-Khan Logicar (AM)
63. Sherif (all keeloq range) autostart
64. Sherif (with dynamic CFM model ZX- 1055, ZX-1060) autorun.
65. Sherif zx-999 (new model range)
66. Sheriff 1070 CFM2 New key, new encryption, autostart
67. Sheriff 1090 CFM2 New key, new encryption, autostart
68. Sheriff 750 CFM2 New key, new encryption
69. Sheriff 940 CFM2 New key, new encryption
70. Sheriff T80-TOR T82-TOR
71. Sheriff zx730 (with new dynamic code CFM2) autostart
72. Sheriff zx-930
73. Sher-Khan AM А (autostart), В, Vegas
74. StarLine 24V
75. StarLine-Twage А4, A2 autostart
76. StarLine-Twage А6, А8, А9, autostart
77. StarLine-Twage В6 (additional key fob) autostart
78. StarLine-Twage В6 (black key fob) autostart
79. StarLine-Twage В9 (additional key fob)
80. StarLine-Twage В9 (dialog blue pager)
81. StarLine-Twage В9 (black pager) autorun
82. StarLine-Twage В6 (blue pager) autorun
83. Starline C6, C9 (additional key fobs)
84. Tomahawk TZ
85. Tomahawk X3 etc. X series autostart.
86. Tomahawk (TW7000, TW9000, TW9010, TW7010, TW7020, TW7030, TW9020, TW9030, 950LE) autostart
87. Whister

Delivery (FM band):

1. Scher-Khan III, IV, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (it is possible to receive feedback, i.e. it records the driver’s call, hit on the wheel, hit on the glass)
2. Scher-Khan 7H, 8H , 9, 10 (PRO1)
3. Scher-Khan 7B, 8B, 9, 10 (PRO2)
4. Magicar Seven (M100 AS GOLD IV) (cool). Magicar M902, M903, M909, M939f, autostart, trunk, mute
5. Magicar korea 904, M101, M110
6. Easycar EW402A, EV402A, E402A
7. Easycar E701A, E702A
8. Easycar E5A, E8A, E7A
9. Easycar E401A, EW402A, EV402A, E402A
10. Easycar E601A, E501A


Additionally, there is a Jammer function:

Jammer mode. When this mode is selected, 433 MHz mutes is automatically turned on. You can switch the jamming frequency with button 4, pause the jammer with button 1, exit this mode back to the menu – button 6.

In addition to e, the menu contains sections About and Change PIN:

About. Device information and serial number. May be needed when updating firmware via USB.

Change PIN. In this mode, you can change the PIN code. It is entered in the same way as when turned on. First, you need to enter the old code, then the new one. Exit without changing the code – by button 6.

Instructions for managing the device:

Switching memory cells forward/backwards – buttons 1 and 3, respectively.
Erasing the code from the selected cell – holding the button 2. If the cell is empty, reception is automatically turned on. When a signal is received, the device vibrates twice and displays the type of received alarm on the display. If the received signal is already in the memory, the device briefly vibrates and shows the number of the cell in which this signal is recorded in the right edge of the display.

If the cell is empty, you can switch the receiving frequency with button 4, enable or disable simultaneous AM and FM reception with button 5 (only in the first mode), enable or disable auto mode (hold button 3).

Button 6 (short press) with a selected frequency of 315 MHz and enabled reception, switches the sub-bands to 315 MHz. If a signal is recorded in the cell, the opening and control of the alarm is performed using buttons 4, 5, 6. Short press 4 – close, long press 4 – received command, short press 5 – open, long press 5 – trunk / additional functions (not on all systems ), short press 6 – autostart / trunk (not on all systems).

Long press 6 – exit back to the menu.
Short press 2 – quick switch between modes 1, 2 and 3 (AM + FM + OEM, FM OEM and VAG).
Enabling or disabling feedback jamming – simultaneously holding buttons 4 and 5, while the Jammer indicator (abbreviated as Jamm) lights up on the display.
Catching up the code – pressing 4 + 6 at the same time, the code catching up will light up on the display, after which the next sent command will be with a counter increased by 50 clicks. It is useful when the opening occurs a long time after the recording, with each opening the code changes and the code grabber algorithmically selects the required code at a given time, which is called the process of catching up the code.

By pressing buttons 3 and 4 at the same time, you can turn on or turn off the sound.
Bust mode for Came and Nice barriers. In order to select a code for a Came or Nice barrier (not all models, only those that are controlled from Came Top, Nice Flo), you need to select the appropriate mode. After entering the mode, start enumeration for Came – button 4, for Nice – button 5. The selected cell must be empty.

After starting the search, you need to stand at the barrier and wait until it opens. As soon as it opens, you should immediately press and hold button 2, the search will stop. Next, you need to wait until the barrier closes itself, then press and hold button 1 (rewind), hold it until the barrier opens again, and then immediately release the button. Then you can check the selected code by pressing and holding button 5, the barrier should open. Saving the selected code – pressing the button 4.
For Nice barriers, busting looks exactly the same, only it takes longer (Came – about 10 minutes, Nice – about 20 minutes). It is started by pressing button 5 immediately after entering the enumeration mode, on an empty memory cell. In general, the process is simple, you just need to go through it directly once and make everything easy and understandable.



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