Privacy Policy
1. General Provisions
1.1. This Privacy Policy establishes the procedure for obtaining, storing, processing, using and disclosing the user’s personal data. Keyless Repeater Co., which owns the website, collects user’s personal data from users/visitors while using the website. The User’s personal data is filled in by the User

1.2. In order to send a request or a message on the website (including sending a request to contact the user, send messages, comments, post other information on the website, register on the website, use a personal account, fill out customer cards and otherwise use the Site), the User must carefully read this Privacy Policy and express his full consent to its terms by clicking the “Submit”, “Order”, “Buy”, “Register” and others.

1.3. The user is not entitled to use the website if he does not agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, or if he has not reached the legal age when he has the right to enter into agreements with, and also if the user is not an authorized person of the company from which he performs any actions on the site

1.4. By filling out any contact form, registration form or otherwise performing any actions within the site, the User consciously provides personal data and gives his unambiguous consent to the terms of this Privacy Policy. The user provides Keyless Repeater Co. the right to receive, store, process, use and disclose the user’s personal data under the terms of this Privacy Policy.

1.5. This Privacy Policy does not govern and Keyless Repeater Co. is not responsible for the receipt, storage, processing, use and disclosure of user personal data to third parties not owned or controlled by Keyless Repeater Co. and individuals who are not employees of Keyless Repeater Co., even if the User has accessed the sites, goods or services of these individuals using the Site or mailing.

1.6. The User acknowledges that in case of a negligent attitude by the User to the security and protection of his personal data and authorization data, third parties may gain unauthorized access to the account, personal and other user data. Keyless Repeater Co. shall not be liable for damages caused by such access.

2. What personal data may be collected
We collect personal information, namely: first name, last name, patronymic, date of birth, gender, marital status, authorized person of the company, company name, company details, contact numbers, email address, company location address. We may also collect other information:

  • Cookies to identify the user’s browser and provide services that depend on it, such as storing data in a shopping cart between visits;
  • the User’s IP address in order to display advertisements and keep a log of the User’s activity;
  • information about resource operation errors initiated by the User;
  • user behavior on the site;
  • All information is collected by us “as is” and does not change during the data collection process.

3. How information about you will be used by the company. Purpose of use.
We may use your first name, last name, middle name, date of birth, gender, marital status, email address, password to identify you as a user of We can display the first name, last name, patronymic, company name, company details, contact numbers, e-mail address, company location address on the pages, postal address for sending correspondence.

We may use your contact information in mailing lists to notify you of new features, promotions and other news. The user can always opt out of the mailing list using his contact information in the relevant section of his personal account or by sending us a request by e-mail ma**@ke**************.com.

Information about you, including personal data, is used to ensure the implementation of civil law relations, tax and accounting relations, the fulfillment of contractual obligations to provide services. And also to identify the client as a user of the site, in order to provide and offer services, process payments, create and implement bonus programs, send commercial offers and information by mail, e-mail, offer new services, transfer any information other than the subject of the contract, conduct settlement operations, reporting, accounting and management accounting, improving the quality of service provision, providing site services, posting information about the client on the site of the owner of the personal data base, creating and maintaining the client’s personal page on the owner’s website.

4. Conditions for granting access to the database
We do not share personal data with third parties, except as provided below. The User, by agreeing to this Privacy Policy, grants the right to Keyless Repeater Co. disclose your personal data to third parties who provide Keyless Repeater Co. services, in particular, but not exclusively, process payments, deliver packages. Third parties may only use user information if they provide services to Keyless Repeater Co. and only the information that is necessary to provide the service.

Also, the disclosure of personal data is made when the User orders goods/services on to the supplier of such goods/services, but only to the extent necessary to identify the User and his order.

Also, disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or a person authorized by him is allowed in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively:

at reasonable requests of state bodies that have the right to request and receive such data;
in the event that, in the opinion of Keyless Repeater Co., the User violates the terms of this Agreement and / or other contracts and agreements between Keyless Repeater Co. and the User.

5. How to change/delete this information or unsubscribe
Users can change/delete personal information or refuse a receipt at any time, for this it is enough to use the Personal Account or contact ma**@ke**************.com with a clear and clear description of the required action and a justified reason for these changes. Some features of that require user information may be suspended from the moment the information is changed/deleted.

The User’s personal data is stored until they are deleted by the User.

A sufficient notification of the User about the deletion or other processing of personal data will be a letter (information) sent to the e-mail specified by the User. In the absence of this letter, you should repeat the request procedure.

6. Contact address for business in case of questions
If you have any questions, suggestions, complaints regarding the information you provide, please contact the contact email address: ma**@ke**************.com.

The user, upon written request and upon presentation of a document that establishes his identity and authority, may be provided with information on the procedure for obtaining information about the location of the database.

7. Protection of collected information
We take all reasonable precautions to protect the confidentiality of data. All data we collect is stored on one or more secure database servers and cannot be accessed outside of our corporate network. Only those Keyless Repeater Co. employees who need to perform work functions that require access to users’ personal information have access to user information. All employees who have access to user information have signed a non-disclosure agreement for user information to third parties.

8. Changes to the privacy policy.
We may change the terms of the privacy policy. In such a case, we will replace the version of the document on the Privacy Policy page. Please review these terms periodically to be informed of how Keyless Repeater Co. on protects user information.

Keyless Repeater Co. is not responsible for damage or losses incurred by the User or third parties as a result of misunderstanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Privacy Policy, instructions or instructions on how to use the Site, regarding the procedure for placing data and other technical issues.

In the event that any provision of the Privacy Policy, including any sentence, clause or part thereof, is found to be contrary to law, or invalid, this will not affect the remaining provisions, which, while not contrary to law, they remain in full force and effect, and any invalid provision, or provision that cannot be implemented without further action by the Parties, shall be deemed amended, corrected to the extent necessary to ensure its validity and the possibility of implementation.

The user has the rights provided by the Law “On the Protection of Personal Data” dated June 1, 2010 No. 2297-VI.

This Policy confidentiality applies to the User from the moment when, during the use of the website, he agreed to the terms of this Privacy Policy when transferring his Personal Data and is valid until any information about the user is stored on the website, in including personal data.