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Universal jammer remote control and car alarm systems.

The new universal version
Range: 315MHz, 433 MHz, 434 MHz (VAG Group), 868 MHz
Range: 50+ meters
Feature: Stealth, the jammer is designed in a quality powerbank that fully performs its functions. It is very difficult to determine that it was you who used the jammer, since you use a power bank that does not show signs of a jammer in normal mode.



This portable remote control jammer and car alarm jammer blocks radio signals at 315MHz, 433MHz, 434MHz (VAG-Group), 868MHz. The device is designed to suppress the signal of burglar alarm panels, garage doors, remote-controlled roller shutters, TV remotes, air conditioners, barriers, walkie-talkies, radio-controlled equipment, children’s toys and other radio-technical equipment.
The effective range of the presented portable blocking device has been increased to 50 or more meters of active suppression, which is an indisputable advantage over most jammers.

The device interferes on the frequency you need and does not affect other frequencies;
Disables remote control;
Can be used to suppress the signal of many radio-controlled technical devices and toys;
Provides full signal blocking range coverage;
Greater accuracy of the outgoing signal, the frequency varies in the range of +/- 4 MHz;
The suppressor works at a distance of more than 50 meters.
The radio control suppressor is absolutely safe for humans;

Blocked frequencies: 315MHz +/- 2MHz, 433MHz +/- 2MHz, 434MHz +/- 2MHz, 868MHz +/- 2MHz;
Power supply: power bank rechargeable battery system;
Bright display and easy operation.

Since different countries use radio waves of different frequencies in remote controls, this remote control jammer can jam 4 frequencies at the same time. First, the remote control jammer is used in Europe with the frequency range of 433MHz – 434MHz, and is also used in Asia with the frequency range of 868MHz, and America with the frequency range of 315MHz.

A lot of different devices work at frequencies of 315MHz, 433 MHz, 434 MHz (VAG-Group), 868 MHz, but the following devices and systems are the most popular:

Teleco (radio light) is a light control system via a radio channel. Even though most of these systems operate at 433 MHz, it is Teleco as well as Legrand that use 868 MHz.

Apollo-C – four-channel universal remote controls for gates and barriers. The frequency used is 433 MHz.

Security walkie-talkies – most companies use the 433 MHz frequency.

The car alarm blocker not only blocks frequencies of 433 MHz (central frequency for key fobs in European countries), but also has the ability to block alarm frequencies with a frequency of 315, 434, 868 MHz.

This is a truly universal radio signal jammer that has no analogues. This list of radio frequencies is the most popular and permitted throughout the world; it is used by the majority of the world’s manufacturers of any radio equipment. Therefore, be very careful when using such equipment! You will be responsible for the use, therefore, before each use, make sure that the use will not create critical situations in the operation of the radio systems around you. Do not transfer the device to third parties and keep it away from children!


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