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New Keyless Go/Entry emulator for Toyota and Lexus – P32.
P32 is a unique device, it works by itself without any prior preparation, you just approach the vehicle and P32 itself selects the desired access key, emulates it and becomes the original car key.

You can open the car, the trunk of the car, as well as start the car and go.

See below for a more detailed description…



The P32 works on the principle and analogy with P31 emulator, which you can learn more about on our website by following this link: P31 GameBoy Code Grabber Keyless Entry System Emulator. The main difference between P32 and P31 is in car brands. While P31 supports KIA, Hyundai and Mitsubishi, P32 supports Toyota and Lexus. You can see a list of different models below.

The P32 is very compact and has an unusual appearance, developed on the basis of the second generation GameBoy, and is no different from it.

Advantages of P32:

  • exclusive product on the market in the world
  • standalone device
  • gameboy case
  • launching emulator functions using a special PIN code
  • English and Russian
  • very simple interface – work from the first launch
  • 6-8 days without recharging
  • charging via micro usb
  • Possibility of remote flashing and updating

Description of the device operation:

It is enough to approach the car, to the location of the keyless entry button in the car, touch or press this button, P32 will start reading the signal from the car and select the desired key within 30 seconds to 4 minutes, and P32 itself becomes a duplicate of the original key. Access is granted, you can open the car and start the engine. The key can be stored in the device’s memory so that the next time you can immediately start using the car.
You can – open / close the door and trunk, start the car engine and drive at any time, and all this as many times as you like.

P32 support list:


LAND CRUZ PRADO 150 – 2009/2016
LAND CRUISER 200 – 2007/2015
VERSO – 2009/2016
PRIUS – 2010/2015
KING – 2007/2013
AVENSIS – 2010/2016
CAMRI – 2006/2011
HIGHLANDER 2008/2012
VENZA – 2009/2014
SIENNA – 2010/2016


CT – 2011/2015
ES – 2006/2012
EX- 2007/2012
SG – 2005/2012
LS – 2006/2013
RX – 2009/2015
GX – 2009/2016
LX – 2007/2015


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