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The P30 emulator allows you to open and close the doors/trunk of certain car models without access to the original smart key and start the engine of these cars with the keyless go system.

P30 independently diagnoses and emulates a native smart key in a matter of seconds, becoming its clone, which allows you to open the car, start the engine and move.

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This is a simple and easy-to-use emulator that replaces several thematic devices. It is an emulator for keyless entry systems.
Developed on the basis of the Bluetooth Audio Adapter – visually it has no differences, there are no cables, antennas or any other external modifications. The P30 emulator is the smallest and most compact device.


  • Bluetooth Audio Adapter case
  • activation with a unique PIN code
  • menu with a choice of Russian or English language
  • ease of operation with the device is available even for a child
  • a week of work on one battery charge
  • charging via USB
  • the ability to update remotely

Principle of operation:
Just walk up to the car door, touch or press the button on the keyless entry handle
the device records the signal from the car and within 10 seconds to 2 minutes selects the desired key, completely duplicating the native one.
The key can be stored in the instrument’s memory.
Open, close, start and go at any time.

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Support List:


  • Mxx/Q70 (Y51) 2012-2019 EUR/USA/JPN
  • QX56/Q80 (Y62) 2010-2022 EUR/USA/JPN


  • PATROL 6 (Y62) 2010+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • ARMADA 2 (Y62) 2016+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • NAVARA 4 (D23) 2014+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • FRONTIER (D23) 2014+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • JUKE 1 (F15) 2010-2019 EUR/USA/JPN
  • LEAF 1 (ZE0) 2010-2017 EUR/USA/JPN
  • NOTE 2 (E12) 2012-2020 EUR/USA/JPN
  • SENTRA (B17) 2012-2019 EUR/USA/JPN
  • SERENA 4 (C26) 2012-2016 EUR/USA/JPN
  • MICRA (K13) 2010-2017 EUR/USA/JPN
  • FUGA 2 (Y51) 2009+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • CIMA V (Y51) 2012+ EUR/USA/JPN
  • VERSA II (C17) 2014-2019 EUR/USA/JPN


  • X-CLASS 2017-2020 EUR/USA/JPN

The device has been updated in 2023 and the following vehicles have been added to its support list:


  • Ioniq5 until 2022


  • GV60 until 2022


  • Niro 2 until 2023
  • EV6 until 2022
  • EV6 GT until 2022
  • Ceed 3G FL until 2022
  • XCeed 1G FL until 2022
  • Proceed 1G FL until 2022
  • K5 3G until 2020
  • K5 3G FL until 2022
  • K3 2G FL until 2022
  • Forte 3G FL until 2022
  • Cerato 4G FL until 2022


  •  ASX 2010—2022 (Automatic emulation)
  • Outlander 2009—2022 (Automatic emulation)



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