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Attention! Only 2 P33 devices left at a price of 26,000 euros! Recall that we have chosen 3 full-fledged P33 emulators for our promotion, in which they will be received by the one who manages to buy them first. But according to the rules of the promotion, only one device is available in one hand! And one device has already been sold! As soon as these 2 devices are sold, the price will again become 37,000 euros and will already be fixed within these limits. The cost of this equipment from year to year only increases. So who will be the next lucky person?

This device allows you to emulate (create) an original smart key for Toyota and Lexus cars, including cars manufactured in 2022.

The P33 smart key emulator for Toyota and Lexus vehicles equipped with a keyless entry system has so far only been tested with US (315 MHz) and European (433 MHz) models.

See below for more details and support list…



This is a new model, a unique development, with the latest update 2023, which fixed all the errors of the first release when working with certain models. The new 2023 P33 emulator supports cars from the latest model years.

This device allows you to emulate (create) smart keys for Lexus and Toyota cars of 2016-2022 (for more details, see the list of supported models below).

The P33 smart key emulator was originally developed to greatly simplify the work of various emergency services, emergency services, other first responders where time is the main resource, as well as for authorized car services. Today, the device is used more widely, it is used in the practice of emergency evacuation services, security services, fire and police special forces, government organizations, vehicle manufacturers, car dealers, engineering and security services in the automotive industry, developers and installers of security systems and etc.

Support List:


Camry 2017—2022
Land Cruiser 200 09.2019—2021
Land Cruiser Prado 08.2019—2022
RAV 4 2018—2022
CRH 2016—2022
Prius 2015—2021
Alphard 2015—2021

NX  07.2020—2021
RX  2015—2022
GX  2019—2022
EX  2018—2021
LX  08.2019—2021
LS  2017—2021
LC  2017—2021
UX  2018—2022

Important! The use of this device may be illegal in your country without special permission or approval from the local municipality! Please carefully study the laws of the country in which you are located before using this device! This device is not intended to commit illegal acts! All responsibility for use lies with the user.


  • Works with A9 and AA keys;
  • Has 20 memory cells for storing different emulated keys in one device;
  • The scanning range of the original smart key is 15-35 meters;
  • Code calculation time 20-90 minutes (average 30 minutes);
  • Fully emulates the operation of the original key without harming it;
  • Emulation takes place in a hidden mode, the original key does not inform about it in any way.

After emulation, the new key occupies 1 of 20 memory cells on the device and allows you to use this key at any time. The emulated key allows you to open and close the doors, trunk and start the engine.

In different countries, smart key emulators may be called differently, for example, the most common names are cryptograbbers, modulators, code grabbers, etc. The discrepancy in terms occurs because this device actually performs similar functions, as if the emulator consists partially of these devices, but at the same time, this device is a symbiosis of several technologies at once, the final goal of which is the complete emulation of a smart key, therefore the term “smart key emulator” is the most suitable for this device, but other names cannot be said to be wrong.

ATTENTION! We warn you that there are more and more fakes, scam sites, unreliable sellers and copies of our devices on the market, which either do not work at all (scammers send a regular gameboy, although I show our device on the video before sending), or works, but with significant limitations, and burn out in 1-2 months! You cannot repair or update these fakes in our service center! We do not use a real gemeboy and do not install our software on it, this is a fake that scammers use in their practice, we use only the gameboy case for your safety, all other components in it are completely different! Therefore, I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to make your gameboy work like ours! This is a complex hardware and software complex, which is a symbiosis of the work of various groups of specialists from around the world (groups of engineers, programmers, security specialists, auto mechanics, electricians, intelligence officers, testers and other specialists), not to mention the fact that we buy certain information , and each product is developed over the years, followed by a long process of testing, improvements and support. And this is only the development of the product, after which it still needs to be produced in a certain amount. If we talk about costs, then tens of hundreds of euros are invested in each product. But we assure you that our products can no longer be copied as it was before, because of which a whole market of scammers and fakes was born, now we protect our products at a high level, we install multi-level protection against disassembly, against copying and use our own coding methods information that is protected from decoding.

Do not look for cheaper ones, this is exactly what scammers use, our equipment cannot be cheaper than ours! Only buying from us you get a guarantee from our service center. We constantly warn, but still we continue to receive requests to repair the device bought from scammers. Please buy immediately in a safe place, we cannot fight all scammers alone, they are also constantly trying to take us out of the game, we are constantly attacked by a million attacks, spam, various bots, high nets and much more. We cannot waste our time on what you yourself are doing, the more we warn. Otherwise, we will not be able to develop, create new products, etc.


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