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New powerful key emulator for Toyota, Lexus and Subaru 2015—2022 – Space 2
This device itself emulates a full-fledged key that allows you to open and start the car.
This device only works with vehicles equipped with a keyless start system, both European market vehicles – 433 MHz and US market vehicles – 315 MHz.

Below is a more detailed list of support.

Original price was: 28000€.Current price is: 26000€.

2000€ Off


SPACE 2.0 is our new key emulator that supports new TOYOTA, LEXUX and SUBARU cars (see support list below).

Please note that this device is designed for specialized security services, authorized automotive service centers and other organizations within the scope of legal use. The user of this device bears all responsibility for the use of the device. Before using the device, make sure that you do not violate the laws of your country, do not interfere with the operation of other local devices, and have the necessary permission to use, including from the owner of the vehicle!

This device only works with cars using a keyless start system – Keyless Go.
Keyless Go is the standard keyless entry system that is used by all major modern car manufacturers, but different manufacturers call this system differently to differentiate it from other car manufacturers, so you may see names like Keyless Entry, Smart Key, Smart Access, Intelligent Key, Proximity Key, Intelligent Access, Comfort Access and others, but all this is the same standard keyless entry system – Keyless Go.

This system consists of one small main device and a flash drive, and also comes with a mobile application for Android OS, which allows you to control all the functions of the main device (a mobile phone is not included, your phone with Android OS will be used). The device itself is made in a case from a power bank, while the functions of the power bank itself are also preserved. The flash drive must be inserted into this power bank, as shown in the picture, after which you can turn on the device. The device will not work without the special flash drive that comes with the kit.

Initially, 2 separate devices were developed – one for the European markets, the second for America – but in the final version we combined 2 devices into 1, now this emulator supports keyless starting systems with frequencies of 433 MHz (Europe) and 315 MHz (America).

After the release of the first version of this emulator and all tests were carried out, the device was significantly modified and improved. We removed all the bugs and reasons why emulation took too long in some cases, we also took into account the wishes of our regular customers and dealers, we removed unnecessary steps to simplify and automate the device as much as possible and now this is one of the most powerful emulators on the market. This Keyless Go emulator will become a strong competitor to all other models of similar devices in 2024.


  • works only with keys AA, A8, 88, A9, F3 (see support list below);
  • unlimited memory cells;
  • smart key recording distance 15-35 meters;
  • key code calculation time from 1 to 3 hours;
  • completely emulates the operation of the original car key;
  • allows you to open/close and start the car engine at any time and as many times as you like;
  • the device operates unnoticed and secretly, the original key does not issue any alerts;
  • does not break the original key;
  • contains an activation PIN that only you will know.


To successfully emulate a car key, you need to receive 2 types of signals, no matter in what order:

  1. Signal from the car handle;
  2. Signal from the switch when the user is authorized in the car – when opening or closing doors or starting the engine.

You just need to turn on the device, after which you can put it in your pocket or bag, since all actions will be performed on your phone in a special application that comes included. You will see and control the entire process on the screen of your phone, where it will be shown whether signal 1 and 2 are intercepted, the quality of communication, battery charge and the process of key emulation. After receiving signals 1 and 2, the device will begin the key emulation process, which is no longer dependent on your location. You can simply go about your business while the device emulates the key. After the key emulation process is completed (from 20 minutes to 3 hours), the emulated key will be written to one of the memory cells and can be used just like the original key at any time and as many times as you like. At the same time, the emulated key does not break the original key.

Support list:

Update 2.0 from 02.2024:

Lexus ES250/350 (2018—2022) AA
Lexus UX200 (2018—2022)AA
Lexus LS 500/500H (2017—2022) AA
Toyota RAV 4 (2018—2022) AA
Toyota Hiace 2019 AA

Update 1.0 from 09.2023:

Lexus LX570: 2015—2020 P1: A8 EU1
Lexus LX570: 2020—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Lexus LS: 2012—2017 P1: 88 EU1
Lexus RX: 2015—2022 P1: A9 EU2
Lexus NX: 2014—2019 P1: A8 EU1
Lexus NX: 2020—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Lexus GX: 2018—2019 P1: A8 EU1
Lexus GX: 2019—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Lexus ES: 2012—2020 P1: 88 EU1
Lexus IS: 2013—2020 P1: A8 EU1
Lexus IS: 2020—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Lexus RC: 2020—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Lexus LC: 2017-2022 P1: A9 EU2
Toyota Сorolla: 2012—2019 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota Alphard: 2015—2022 P1: A9 EU1
Toyota Highlander: 2014-2020 P1: A8 EU1
Toyota CHR: 2016—2022 P1: A9 EU2
Toyota Prius: 2015–2022 P1: A9 EU2
Toyota Prius Prime: 2016–2022 P1: A9 EU1
Toyota Camry: 2012–2017 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota Camry: 2017–2022 P1: A9 EU2
Toyota RAV4: 2012–2018 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota LC 200: 2015–2019 P1: A8 EU1
Toyota LC 200: 2020–2021 P1: A9 EU1
Toyota Yaris: 2012–2020 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota Avensis: 2012—2022 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota Auris: 2012—2018 P1: 88 EU1
Toyota LC 150: 2018–2019 P1: A8 EU1
Toyota LC 150: 2020–2022 P1: A9 EU1
Subaru Forester: 2016—2022 P1: F3
Subaru Outback: 2016—2022 P1: F3
Subaru Legacy: 2016—2022 P1: F3
Subaru LEVORG: 2016—2022 P1: F3
Subaru XV: 2016–2022 P1: F3


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