Keyless repeaters

Code grabbers

In our store you can buy specialized equipment – car key repeaters (keyless repeaters), signal jammers and code grabbers – designed for use in emergency situations, in emergency situations on the roads, in situations requiring a quick universal solution, as well as for testing security systems. All equipment is made of high quality and reliable components, tested, configured and ready to use. We provide warranty service.

The equipment may only be tested in the designated area with the permission of the owner of the property in that area. The equipment is not intended to cause damage, much less illegal actions that violate the laws of your country.

For our part, in our store of keyless repeaters, code grabbers and jammers, we offer you the high quality of all products, honesty and integrity, support and training, worldwide shipping and a guarantee on all our equipment. We offer special conditions for regular customers, we invite you to become our regular customer, we will be glad to cooperate with you!

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