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Car key repeater Multibrand + FBS4 – emergency starter system.

The Multibrand Repeater allows you to open the lock and start a car’s engine equipped with a standard keyless entry system, such as Keyless Go/Entry, etc.

3 operating modes of the device:

  1. Multibrand
  2. Toyota – Lexus – Subaru
  3. FBS4 (Mercedes and Audi 2013+)

Technical information:

  • Works with any car without a key until 2021;
  • Range from box to box 350 meters;
  • Box to key range 6-15 meters;
  • Two repeaters with active LCD.

For a more detailed description, see below, as well as in the instructions for this equipment.

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This equipment combines all the functions of a multifunctional keyless vehicle repeater with the optional FBS4.

A car smart-key repeater, also called a fishing repeater, wave repeater, short/long-arm repeater, is a car Smart Key signal amplifier that creates a bridge between the car and the key, opening and starting over 90% of car models.
The device has an OLED screen and a security system as a PIN for activation. The device is housed in a Dexp DVD player (one of the versions) or another but is not a real DVD player. This is done to avoid drawing attention to its appearance, and without entering a pin code, the device does not manifest itself as a keyless repeater. Each device has an individual PIN code that only the owner knows.

3 operating modes of the unit:

  1. Multi-brand
  2. Toyota/Lexus/Subaru
  3. FBS4 Mode 

FBS4 supports Mercedes and Audi vehicles older than 2013.

The key-to-antenna distance can now be up to 6 meters with a standard internal antenna and up to 15 meters with an optional antenna (optional antenna sold separately).

The signal “answer” to the car goes directly from the standard car Smart key (the distance can vary from 40 to 250 meters and depends on the type of key and the level of battery charge inside the key). Allows you to open doors and start cars, including the 2024 model.
Due to the characteristics of this car repeater, the device has many other names, such as repeater wave, long-arm repeater, short-arm repeater, car theft repeater, fishing repeater, car repeater, transponder, keyless repeater, multi-brand repeater, one-way/two-way repeater, smart key repeater, code grabber repeater, radio gum, fbs4, boost converter, amplifier, satellite, Smart key emergency start system, etc. It depends on the manufacturer, the version of the repeater, and its functionality.
It works with over 90% car models.
The main models are as follows (for a more detailed list, see the instructions below):

Audi – All (e.g. UWB A3 2021 keys)
Mercedes – All (FBS3, FBS4)
Toyota/Lexus – All Models
LandRover/RangeRover/Jaguar – (for example UWB keys 2018-2021)
Tesla – until 2019 (up to key card)
Ford – All Models
Volkswagen – All (e.g. UWB Golf8 Keys, Arteon 2021)
BMW – All (E, F, G – series)
Porche – all models
Nissan/Infiniti – All Models
Mazda – All Models
Peugeot – All Models
Renault – All Models
seats – All models
Skoda – All (e.g. UWB Oktavia 2021 keys)
Suzuki – All Models
Cadillac – All Models
Jeep – All Models
Citroen – All Models
Hyundai – All Models
Kia – All Models
Opel – All Models

Fast Relay Attack Unit 2024

If you have any questions, you can ask us through the feedback form.

You can buy a car key repeater with FBS4 in any way convenient for you at the price indicated above. We will deliver your device as soon as possible and provide technical support if necessary. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of delivery and payment in the relevant sections.



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