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New Car Keyless Repeater Multibrand with FBS4 2024 – Emergency Start System

The Multibrand repeater allows you to open the lock and start the engine of a car equipped with a standard keyless entry system, such as Keyless Go/Entry, etc.

4 operating modes of the device:

  1. Multibrand – 2024
  2. Toyota/Lexus/Subaru – until 2018
  3. Toyota/Lexus/Subaru – 2018+
  4. Mercedes 2013+ and Audi – 2024

Technical information:

  • works with any car without a key including 2024;
  • range from block to block 400 meters;
  • from block to smart key range 7-18 meters;
  • ultra-thin and compact;
  • large LCD display;
  • intuitive interface;
  • control from a small unit;
  • sound or vibration to choose from;
  • communication level control;
  • hidden mode;
  • independent replacement of the PIN-code for inclusion;
  • powerful processor;
  • blocking from accidental pressing;
  • choice of language;
  • the fastest response (average 1.4 sec);
  • new device case (small and large block);
  • the most complete package on the market;
  • the instruction is always with you on the screen.

For a more detailed description, see below, as well as in the instructions for this equipment.

In order to buy a new Car Keyless Relay Attack Repeater 2024 with the FBS4 function, contact our specialists in any way convenient for you.

We try to produce and arrange for you only high quality products, providing reasonable prices, fast delivery and technical support. is a reliable partner!

Attention! The device is not intended for illegal means. Extension of the smart key signal must be with the consent of the vehicle owner. A car key repeater is not illegal in most parts of the world if used with the consent of the vehicle owner. This device does not copy or store personal information, operates only within the range of the smart key and enhances its range. This device is used for quick emergency opening in service centers, as well as in emergency situations on the roads.

Original price was: 13600€.Current price is: 12240€.

1360€ Off


This is a new 2022 car keyless repeater model — smart car key signal extender/amplifier or “fishing rod”, relay attack unit. Works with all models of cars with Keyless Go smart keys (names vary by brand of smart keys), including 2022-2023-2024 cars. This version combines all the advantages of previous versions, while significantly improved in terms of technical and functional aspects.

The equipment received the latest update in the 1st quarter of 2024 and is now able to work with even the newest car models, even those that are just leaving the manufacturers’ factories!
We have been a manufacturer of this equipment for more than 8 years. We are leaders in this direction; We employ former engineers of world automobile brands, the best electromechanics and programmers. Our product is unique in many ways and is ahead of the developments of many automobile brands. Others try to copy us, but no one succeeds even 30-40%. Our product has been tested on more than 2.5 thousand different vehicles, and the device also works with other vehicles – motorcycles, trucks, snowmobiles, tractors, scooters, motorhomes and even yachts if these vehicles use Keyless Entry/Go. You will receive the perfect product that you will not buy anywhere else. If someone offers you our equipment, most likely they are scammers, especially if it is cheaper, we have a strict pricing policy, even our dealers cannot sell equipment cheaper than ours and we only give discounts for wholesale purchases.

The keyless repeater is a car smart key signal booster that creates a bridge between the car and the smart key, which allows you to open and start various vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, etc.

The new version of the repeater has a completely redesigned circuitry, installed high-quality and reliable components, as well as new software. An important feature is the use of a new powerful processor, which allows you to significantly accelerate computing capabilities, which allows the device to perform its functions in seconds. The average response time is only 1.4 seconds, depending on the distance to the smart key and the car model.

Bright color and large LCD display, which is visible at any time of the day or night, allows you to easily control all the functions of the device in an intuitive interface. The screen shows the battery charge, car model, operation and more. You can control 2 devices on one LCD display, control the communication level, select the desired mode, block the device, turn off/on sound, vibration, backlight, hidden mode, change the PIN code to turn on the one that is convenient for you, control the number of turns on, get information about the device, its serial number, instructions, change the language and much more.

The new car repeater is made in new convenient and reliable cases. As before, our repeater holds the lead in terms of compactness, not to mention quality and reliability, and now also in terms of ease of use. The big block no longer uses the old DEXP case, now the big block is made in the new HYUNDAI case.

Large unit dimensions (H*W*D) – 3*24*19 cm (1.2 x 9.4 x 7.4 inches)
Height: 3 cm (1.2 inches)
Width: 24 cm (9.4 inches)
Depth: 19 cm (7.4 inches)

The small unit has also completely changed, now it is in a black compact case with a large LCD display and convenient control buttons. Like on a mobile phone, on the right side of the device are the on/off and volume buttons. The device has the function of blocking the buttons from accidental pressing. Also, the device has the ability to turn off the sound in favor of vibration, which allows you to use the device without looking at the display, for example, holding the device in your pocket. The device is very small and ultra-thin, its thickness (depth) is only 1.6 cm (0.63 inch), which is 11.5 cm high and 5.9 cm wide, this repeater box is excellent lies in the hand.

Small unit dimensions (H*W*D) – 10.6*5.5*1.6 cm (4.2 x 2.2 x 0.63 inches)
Height: 10.6 cm (4.2 inches)
Width: 5.5 cm (2.2 inches)
Depth: 1.6 cm (0.63 inches)

4 operating modes of the device:

Multibrand – 2024
Toyota/Lexus/Subaru – until 2018
Toyota/Lexus/Subaru – 2018+
Mercedes 2013+ and Audi – 2024

FBS4 mode supports Mercedes and Audi vehicles older than 2013.

The distance from the key to the antenna can now be up to 7-8 meters with a standard internal antenna and up to 17-18 meters with an additional antenna.

The response distance is up to 400 meters and depends on the type of smart key and the battery level inside the key.

Allows you to open doors and start cars including 2024 models.

The car repeater has many names among the people, such as a wave repeater, a long arm repeater, a short arm repeater, a car theft repeater, a fishing rod repeater, an auto key repeater, keyless repeater, relay attack unit, smart key extender, keyless grabber, keyless hacking device, code grabber repeater, fbs4 repeater, smart key emergency start system, keyless wave, etc.

The device works with all vehicles using Keyless Go smart key technology, including 2022 models.

List of supported cars (for a more detailed list, see the instructions):

Audi – All Models
Mercedes – All Models
Toyota – All Models
Lexus – All Models
Subaru — All Models
Land Rover – All Models
Range Rover – All Models
Jaguar – All Models
Tesla – until 2019 (before the key card)
Ford – All Models
Volkswagen — All Models
BMW – All (E, F, G – series)
Porsche – All Models
Nissan – All Models
Honda – All Models
Infiniti – All Models
Mazda – All Models
Peugeot – All Models
Renault – All Models
Seat – All Models
Skoda — All models
Suzuki — All Models
Cadillac – All Models
Jeep – All Models
Citroen – All Models
Hyundai — All Models
Kia — All Models
Opel — All models
Volvo – All Models
SsangYong — All Models

Mitsubishi — All Models
MINI – All Models
Fiat – All Models
as well as Chevrolet, DS Automobiles, Genesis, Isuzu, MG, Polestar and Ducati, KTM and BMW motorcycles

If you have any questions? You can ask us them through the feedback form.

You can buy a new Keyless Go Relay Repeater 2024 full version at the indicated price above. We will deliver your device in the shortest possible time anywhere in the world and provide technical support. You can familiarize yourself with the terms of Delivery and Payment in the relevant sections.


2 reviews for New Keyless Repeater 2024

  1. Charles

    Very good system to emergency start vehicle when key is lost or diagnosing vehicles. Trustworthy and friendly company to deal with. Thanks again. Would do business again

  2. Dave

    hello, I have two questions, how to pay,?
    Is there shipping to Canada?

    • Keyless Repeater Co.

      Merci beaucoup for your questions!:) Yes, we have many great customers from Canada, we provide reliable delivery to your beautiful country! We have many payment options – contact our managers by email ma**@ke**************.com, online chat on the website or Telegram: KeyGoRepeat and they will help you find the most convenient option!

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