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FBS4 Next Generation Keyless Repeater with Android app – Powerful and Smallest Keyless Repeater in the World

4 Mode Compact Keyless Repeater

  1. Multibrand
  2. Toyota Lexus Subaru
  3. Toyota Lexus Subaru 2018+
  4. FBS4 (Mercedes 2013+ Audi)


  • work with any car without a key until 2024
  • range of box to box over 600 meters
  • box to key range 6-15 meters
  • full control from any Android device
  • small box with active lcd display

Original price was: 12550€.Current price is: 11295€.

1255€ Off


FBS4 + Android Next Generation Repeater

Multi-brand + option FBS4

The device creates a bridge between the vehicle and the smart key. Now the device is equipped with OLED, has a secure PIN code to turn on.

4 working modes, support Toyota/Lexus 2024

The key-to-antenna distance is now 6 meters with a standard indoor antenna and up to 15 meters with an optional antenna.
The “answer” signal to the car goes directly from the key (the distance can vary from 40 m to 250 m and depends on the type of the key, as well as the state of the battery inside the key). Allows you to open doors and start cars including 2024 models.

An additional feature of the device is its interaction with more than 90% car models.

The main models are as follows (for a more detailed list, check):

Audi – All (e.g. UWB A3 2021 keys)
Mercedes – All (FBS3, FBS4)
Toyota – All Models
Lexus – All Models
LandRover – All Models
RangeRover – All Models
Jaguar – (for example UWB keys 2018-2021)
Tesla – until 2019 (up to key card)
Ford – All Models
Volkswagen – All (e.g. UWB Golf8 Keys, Arteon 2021)
BMW – All (E, F, G – series)
Porche – All Models
Nissan – All Models


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